Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Mohamed M Hasan
Head of MIS Department
Welcome to the department of Management Information Systems at Modern Academy.

Looking deeply in the perception of MIS role as a tool for change inside the modern societies, we will find three revolutions forming a triangle in which each vertex leads to the next vertex through their connected edges in an infinite manner, those three revolutions are; the information revolution with the scientific and technological achievements it contains in the fields of information systems, networks, programming, communications, electronics and many more of these elements that has transformed from scientific achievements and technical creations into a mixture of tools that manages the details of our daily lives. This revolution had led to another one that can be called "The change revolution", in which the most important features are; moving from local values to global ones, the rise of intellectual revolution against materialistic one, worldwide languages against local ones, world wide enterprises against the restricted ones and the dense information production against the dense labor production. Therefore the second revolution led to the third one which is "The social mind revolution", which means the fortune of the ideas. This revolution produced a group of features that the social mind should be characterized by to be capable of dealing with the technology revolution and the change revolution. From these features that it is a renewed mind it has what it urges to be search, the initiation and the creativity, to be independent and has its immunity against the subordination by all its kinds, to be bold while respecting its tradition, but it revolts on it if needed without losing its constants, and it accepts and realizes the importance of difference and diversity. Special thanks should goes to Prof. Dr. Nabeel Dehbs ; the founder of the Modern Academy, Prof. Dr. Tohson Dehbs ; the President , Prof . Dr. Omar Sakr; the Dean andProf. Dr. Alsaid abdalsalam Hamam the Vice President. Also, a lot of thanks to the staff members of all the scientific departments of the Modern Academy.

MIS Department