Dr. Omar Saqr
Dean of Modern Academy
for computer science & Management Technology.

I am pleased and happy all workers Modern Academy in Maadi and which is one of the best higher education institutions in Egypt to welcome you, as well as the pledge to the community to provide better educational service to you. We Mssamun to make out of education in the modern academy provides students with everything that is required to make their dreams come true and opens before them the doors to jobs better and therefore is no longer the goal of education in the modern academy is limited in the light of globalization and the community of accelerated knowledge to teach only, quick and successive of scientific innovations Valmngarat and technological and social ideas, motivated us to introduce systems of learning focused on the policies and objectives of the required education now, increasingly, particularly communication skills and social skills that will earn the learners responsibility and positive attitudes, so that he can graduate of the Academy dealing with the moral and cultural overlap that characterizes this era through the development of critical thinking skills and creativity and the ability to take the right decision and problem-solving skills and cognitive research. Any knowledge of how to get and how to address them, as well as for collective action and to deal with the tasks and deliverables. Therefore Modern Academy in Maadi is keen not only to provide knowledge, but rather to provide its students with the skills required for the job market, the integrated character building. And by providing a learning environment that enables students to get educated interactive of faculty specialized and qualified, and able to turn the education of students than just knowledge facts to a combination of Applied and Professional Manalmharrat, and then acquire the academic skills required by the labor market graduate, as well as building personal conscious Almtzlhh and science, knowledge and creativity and capable of dealing with the developments of the times in a manner open and meaningful and respects diversity and differentiation and dialogue between cultures.

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